Where'd the picture go?

I’m alex suha.

we made theater in midtown manhattan. the story of Lucy, a chimp who is adopted by humans. one of us came from greece, the rest from nyc, chicago, philly, santa fe. at first, a potential funder asked us to ‘share our learning with the field’ well, we were out to make theater.  not write a book.  so we didn’t do it. but when stuff continued to go down, the line was, “well, thats one for the field.”

I’m Alex Suha, from Chicago.  In retrospect this show taught me a couple things.  I do despise artists statements.  But I love learning.  And teaching.  and sharing.  Make no mistake.  I speak only for myself, and for no one else, necessarily.  I hate artists statements.  That’s my only artist statement.  But maybe someone else will find some value, or validation, or vindication from what i write here.  and, now, I’m back home and I need practice working with wordpress.  hence, chimplesson.

also, me, I’m at www.alexsuha.com , and https://twitter.com/ADSuha


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